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Crystal Healing Properties

Welcome to our crystal healing properties quick reference! This page offers an alphabetized list for those seeking a quick idea of the general physical, magical, or spiritual properties of various crystals.

For thousands of years, mystics, healers, witches, and magicians have used crystals for a range of purposes from invoking metaphysical forces to assisting in the healing of emotional and physical conditions. Crystals are still used in modern times for many of the same purposes. Read on to learn how you can work with these treasures of the earth to benefit your life and the lives of others!

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Adamite: Enhances metaphysical gifts; aids communication with other-dimensional beings; calms emotional unrest; strengthens spiritual will; aids in focus and making the best choices in difficult situations; enhances business prowess 

Agate, Grape: Promotes emotional peace and protection; aids in cleansing chakras; quells anxious thoughts; aids in embracing instincts; links a person to their visions and helps you comprehend their meanings; helps instill compassion and good will toward others; boosts trust and reduces ego; provides comfort from nightmares; all agates are believed to improve intellectual skills

Amethyst: Guards against psychic attack and nightmares, enhances spiritual awareness and connection to the spiritual realms, enhances psychic gifts, calms the mind, increases mental focus, enhances memory, enhances motivation, promotes emotional balance.

Apatite: An inspirational stone for motivation, manifestation and humanitarian inclination. Expands knowledge and truth. Eases sorrow, apathy, and anger. Attunes to the future but connects with past lives. Develops psychic gifts, spiritual attunement, deepens meditation, and kundalini. Aids communication, openness, social ease, extroversion, and self-expression on all levels.

Apatite, Blue: Connects to a very high level of spiritual guidance. Facilitates public speaking, enhances group communication, opens the throat chakra, and heals the heart/emotional disease.

Apophyllite: Has a high water content making it an excellent conductor of electricity; coveted for its excellent ability to access the Akashic Record (an esoteric record of all past, present, and future events in existence, including past life information); amplifies the energy in a space; creates a strong connection between the spiritual and physical worlds, making it excellent for out-of-body journeying; enhances clear sight and intuition; great stone for scrying; provides valuable insight into one’s own behaviors and imbalances; very calming and helps reduce stress; releases suppressed emotions; one of the best stones for Reiki healing.

Bismuth: Excellent for moving between the physical and spiritual realms, activates the crown chakra and upper chakras, helps cycle kundalini energy down to lower chakras, helps cultivate constructive thought patterns/release unhelpful ones, raises body cell frequencies to accommodate new energies.

Barite: Facilitates communication with intuitive vision; excellent for spiritual journeys and stimulates dreaming and dream recall; provides anonymity and stealth if needed to guide one back safely from a spiritual journey; cleanses and rebalances the entire chakra system; enhances independence and autonomy; also supports loyalty to a person or idea; overcomes shyness; great for memory and brain function; beneficial for platonic friendships; encourages insight into relationships of all kinds; invokes catharsis releases old emotional patterns and fears.

Barite, Blue: Coming Soon!

Calcite, Cobaltoan (Cobalto): Symbolizes unconditional love and forgiveness; attuned to the pink flame of pure compassion; aids in emotional healing; calms intense feelings; extremely supportive for those carrying pain for other people; shows whether taking on others’ pain is appropriate; connects the mind with the heart; aids in finding one’s life purpose and natural talents; 

Celestite (Celestine): Excellent for promoting both external and internal peace, connecting with angels and angelic realms, and facilitating communication. Dissolves pain and brings in love.

Hematite: Very strong grounding and protective stone; harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit; dispels negativity and prevent negativity from entering the aura; said to be beneficial for legal troubles; very strong psychologically– gives confidence to timid women and aids in overall self-esteem; removes self-limitations; aides in overcoming compulsions, overindulgence, and addictive tendencies; stimulates concentrations and focus; has a powerful strengthening and regulating connection with blood

Labradorite: Highly mystical; a protective bringer of light; creates a barrier to negative energies shed during therapy; a stone of esoteric knowledge that can take you to other worlds; aligns the physical and etheric bodies; raises consciousness; banishes fears and insecurities and discards the debris of past disappointments; strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe; calms an overactive mind; a creative stone that energizes the imagination; an excellent dispeller of illusions; imparts the strength and perseverance needed to create change.

Lapis Lazuli: Opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. A powerful thought amplifier that stimulates the higher faculties of the mind. Stimulates enlightenment, enhances dream work, and amplifies spiritual abilities. A protective stone that contacts spirit guardians. Promotes deep peace and serenity. Harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of the being into balance. Encourages taking charge of life, self-awareness, and self-expression.

Quartz: A high vibrational, master healer crystal which raises energy to the highest level. Stores information like a spiritual library. Attunes to the vibration of the person receiving healing and resets the body to its ideal, perfect state. Aids concentration and unlocks memory.

Quartz, Faden: The crystal that heals divides. Unifies the self, encouraging fragmented, broken parts of the self to reintegrate. Symbolizes the silver cord that tether the etheric body to the physical body during out-of-body experiences; provides a link to the higher self; helps to keep going when one is undergoing severe internal trauma; helps to heal broken trust in relationships; teaches both autonomy and how to be intimate with another person.

Quartz, Golden Healer : Facilitates spiritual communication over a long distance, including between worlds. Empowers healing on all levels.

Quartz, Golden Rutilated: Coming Soon!

Quartz, Smoky: Coming Soon!

Quartz, Spirit: A highly spiritual, higher vibrational version of normal quartz; radiates high vibrational energy in all directions; reaches multi-dimensions; reprograms cellular memory; enhances metaphysical abilities; facilitates out-of-body journeys; assists in the ascension process and activates the lightbody; assists in re-framing the past

Quartz, Spirit (purple/lilac colored): Possesses the qualities of normal spirit quartz plus other qualities. Opens higher crown chakras; aligns one with infinity and multi-dimensional healing; transmutes prior misuse of spiritual power; gently dissolves detrimental karma, attitudes, and emotions; aids in a graceful transition into death.

Quartz, Strawberry: The stone of joy and insight. Facilitates living consciously and joyfully in the moment;  teaches one how to find humor in all situations;  promotes love and harmony; during meditation, it shows why the circumstances of your present incarnation where chosen; shows the karmic gifts you’ve brought into this life; lessens restrictions placed upon oneself and helps reprogram false beliefs in exchange for positive beliefs.

Stillbite: A highly creative stone; opens the intuition; carries a loving and supportive vibration; aids in manifesting intuitive thought into the physical realm; aids in all metaphysical endeavors; offers guidance, direction, and protection for spiritual journeys; can be used for scrying. 

Vanadinite: Very powerful earth connection; excellent for grounding into the physical world; helps the soul accept physical reality and ground in the physical body; helps conserve physical energy; excellent for meditation and shutting off the mind; assists in defining and pursuing goals; excellent for curbing overspending of money (place it in the wealth corner of the house!)