Black Ceramic Backflow Incense Burner (Choose Design)


These elegant backflow incense burners are a lovely addition to any altar or modern living space. You'll descend into bliss as the peaceful aroma fills your space with serenity! 

Material: Ceramic


A:14.8cm x 11.6cm (6in x 4.5in)

B:10.6cm x 11.8cm (4.2in x 4.5in)

C:10.6cm x 9.2cm (4.2in x 3.7in)

D:9.2cm x 5.3cm (3.7in x 2in)

E::9.7cm x 6.6cm (3.8in x 3in)

F:10.6cm x 12cm (4.2in x 4.5in)

G:12cm x 11.8cm (4.7in x 4.7in)

H:10.2cm x 6.6cm (4in x 3in)

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