Turquoise Sri Yantra Orgonite Necklace


This lovely orgonite pendant features turquoise crystals, gold metal flakes, and the shri yantra (male-female balance) symbol cast in clear resin. This powerful amulet will energize, cleanse, and balance the aura field. Orgone is an energy amplifier that can convert negative energy into positive energy. It can effectively increase the energy frequency of the surrounding area, clean the environment and people's vibration frequency, heal wounds, and relieve harmful thinking patterns and pessimism. It can cause vibrations to attract more beautiful things into your life, and to align the vibrations with richness, balance and prosperity. This is also very useful in the field of healing and energy enhancement. Since it is a magnifying tool, it can effectively express your intentions through meditation.

Material: Tiger's eye crystal, resin

Necklace Chain: Rope chain

Pendant Size (diameter): 3.5cm (1.4 inches)

Recommended Occasions & Uses: Crystal protection talisman, Wiccan gift.

Package Contents: 1x Necklace

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