Ganesha's Market is excited to release our official Affiliate Marketing Income Program! Earn up to 40% commissions by becoming an affiliate and promoting our amazing products to prospective buyers! Anyone, anywhere in the world may become an affiliate with us and earn money from the comfort of home¹. New to affiliate marketing? Don't worry--it's easier than you think! And we are here to help you every step of the way!

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Hang on! Are you a social influencer, blogger, or marketing expert? We invite you to apply for our Professional Affiliate Income Program!

Our Affiliate Income Program Is Great For:

  • Marketing/Copywriting Experts
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Travelers
  • Single Parents
  • Students
  • Disabled Persons
  • Or anyone who simply wants the cozy comfort of earning income from home!

Professional Level Affiliate Start-Up & Marketing Support

  • We offer a dedicated start-up guide and support for those new to affiliate marketing and on-going support for any questions, concerns, or marketing tips. Just contact us with Subject "Affiliate Program" and let us know how we can help!
  • High quality, downloadable product photos, pre-written ad copy (wording for ads), flyers, banners, logos, and other media items to make your job as easy as possible! Just copy, paste, and watch your earnings grow!
  • Gold, Platinum, and Cosmic Affiliates are eligible to request customized marketing materials once every 3 months (materials featuring your affiliate link or discount code). Star Affiliates may request materials once per month.

Affiliate Rewards

Affiliates get paid every Friday via PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or other available methods. Commission rates are posted below. 

Current Cookie Time: 45 Days

Cookie Time is the duration of the affiliate tracking cookie, and is the number of days a customer has to place an order, after initially clicking on your link, for you to receive credit for the sale. Any purchase made within this time will be credited to your account!


Now through July 30, 2022, all new affiliates will receive a 3% bonus commission, for a total reward of 13% on all sales!

  • Green Affiliates ($0+ in monthly sales): 10% Commission on ALL sales!
  • Bronze Level Affiliates ($500+ in monthly sales²): 12% Commission
  • Silver Level Affiliates ($2,000+ in monthly sales²): 14% Commission
  • Gold Level Affiliates ($5,000+ in monthly sales²): 16% Commission
  • Platinum Level Affiliate ($7,000+ in monthly sales²): 18% Commission
  • Cosmic Level Affiliate ($10,000+ in monthly sales²): 20% Commission

But wait! There's more! Certain products are eligible for even higher commission rates, maximizing your potential commissions to as much as 35%! These items will be announced via the affiliate portal & email blasts. Marketing media will be provided.

Star Affiliate Program

Star Affiliates enjoy the benefits of permanent commission upgrades once a certain lifetime sales goal has been reached. At this point, the affiliate no longer has to worry about meeting a certain sales goal per month, as their commission rate is locked in regardless of the number of monthly sales going forward. Star Affiliates will also enjoy exclusive benefits and surprise bonuses to be rolled out soon. We have only a limited number of these spots available- so get selling and be one of the first to lock in your life-time commission rate! 

  • Bronze Star Affiliate² ($20,000+ in lifetime sales - 50 spots available): Permanent 12% Commission Status + Surprise Bonuses
  • Silver Star Affiliate² ($30,000+ in lifetime sales - 40 spots available): Permanent 14% Commission Status + Surprise Bonuses
  • Gold Star Affiliate² ($50,000+ in lifetime sales - 30 spots available): Permanent 16% Commission Status + Surprise Bonuses
  • Platinum Star Affiliate² ($75,000+ in lifetime sales - 20 spots available): Permanent 18% Commission Status + Surprise Bonuses
  • Cosmic Star Affiliate² ($100,000+ in lifetime sales - 10 spots available): Permanent 20% Commission Status + Surprise Bonuses
Our Star Affiliates also benefit from featured products, with bonus commissions of up to 40%!

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     Professional Affiliate Income Program

    If you are a social influencer, blogger, web personality, marketing expert, or business, we invite you to apply for our Professional Affiliate Income Program. Pro Affiliates enjoy higher commissions, and exclusive bonuses! Follow the link below to learn more and submit an application.

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    Important Affiliate Tips!

    To ensure that you receive due credit for sales, ALWAYS offer prospective buyers both your personal affiliate link AND your affiliate discount code. Do NOT offer only the discount code!

    We strongly recommend using Tik Tok for marketing (though Facebook, Instagram, and personal websites/blogs are encouraged as well)!

    For dedicated affiliates who wish to maximize their Tik Tok marketing, we also strongly recommend ordering one of our products yourself to use in any promo videos or Tik Tok ads. Affiliates may request discount codes for the items they wish to promote. Simply contact us with product URLs of items you'd like to promote and your affiliate e-mail address, and we will add a personal discount code to your account. Green Level Affiliates may be eligible for partial or total reimbursement of products bought for promo purposes (generally, if your social media ad is of good quality and has at least a few hundred engagements). Link us to your ad for reimbursement consideration. Bronze Level Affiliates and up may be eligible for free products upfront for promos. To be considered for a free product, also send us links to current promos or past promos you have done.


    (1) We welcome everyone to join our affiliate marketing program! However, dependent on the circumstance, we do maintain the right to deny or revoke affiliate status should the affiliate, especially should the affiliate violate our affiliate terms of agreement. We will always reach out to the affiliate first if there is any issue with our collaboration, in attempt to resolve the problem before revoking status. 

    (2) Your Affiliate Level is recalculated between the 1st and 5th of each month. In order to be eligible for the next tier, you must have made the minimum of that tier in the previous month. Your upgrade will endure until the last day of the month, at which point your Affiliate Level for the next month will be calculated. If you do not meet the required sales goal to maintain your current status, your level will be reduced to the next tier that you are eligible for. Please note that we have MANY affiliates! If we have not recalculated your status by the 5th of the month, please let us know immediately via our Contact Page Subject: Affiliate Program.

    Our affiliate terms and program structure are subject to change. We will notify affiliates of any upcoming changes.