Large Tarot Card Wall Tapestry - "Justice" // Tarot Card Wall Hanging (Choose Size)


The Justice tarot card has appeared before you! This stunning occult wall tapestry is sure to transport you into the realms of the unknown mysteries. Perfect for the altar, ritual meditation, and any sacred space. Available in sizes from 3 feet to 7 feet long.

Material: High Quality Polyester Fiber

Available Sizes:

Size (S): 95x73cm
Size (M): 150x130cm
Size (L): 200x150cm
Size (XL): 230x180cm

Available Colors: Black+White

Product Features: Lightweight; Graphic featuring a detailed black and white Justice tarot card design.

Recommended Occasions & Uses: Bedroom decor, living room decor, wiccan rituals, gothic decor, punk decor, pagan altar cloth, witch theme, raves, parties, festivals, mediation, spiritual ceremonies, Halloween.

Package Contents: 1x Wall Hanging

We also have other Major Arcana tarot card tapestries available! See our Tapestries & Altar Cloths Section to find other card options.

Cards Available: -The Star -The Fool -The Magician -The Hermit -The Moon -Justice -The Tower -The Lovers -Death -The Emperor -The World -The Sun -The Devil -Strength

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